Clinical applications of biofeedback: stress-related disorders

Course description

In this practical 1-day workshop the participants will learn to make the transfer from biofeedback stress profile analysis to biofeedback treatment. The focus will be on stress related disorders. In the morning we will look at insomnia. Theory about the underlying psychophysiological phenomena is combined with protocols for biofeedback assessment and treatment. You will learn which additional techniques can be combined with biofeedback to make the treatment a success.  In the afternoon we will discuss another stress related disorder: essential hypertension. We will look at blood pressure regulation, causes of essential hypertension and a treatment protocol consisting of preparatory breathing exercises, HRV training and hand warming training. Participants will get the opportunity to practice the biofeedback techniques.

Learning objectives

Understanding the psychophysiological phenomena underlying sleep problems and hypertension, learning to use biofeedback protocols, like skin conductance downtraining, HRV training and hand warming training.


Mrs. Drs. D.M. (Daniëlle) Matto, psychologist, biofeedback therapist BCIA BCB, BCB-HRV

BCIA certification

This course can be used for BCIA recertification (7 CE points)

Date and location

Saturday October 26, 2019
Walhalla hotel, Zurich, Switzerland


CHF 440


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