We offer BCIA accredited didactic training and CE (continuing education) on general biofeedback, heart rate variability training and biofeedback applications.

Biofeedback and HRV online workshop program:

  • Biofeedback didactic training program (42-hour, BCIA), online course (€ 375), read more….
  • Biofeedback treatment of hypertension (BCIA CE), online course (€ 121), read more….
  • 55-questions HRV test exam, preparation for the official BCIA HRV exam (€ 25), Order….

Biofeedback and HRV on-site workshop program:

  • Biofeedback practical course, 2-day hands-on biofeedback course, on-site (€ 285), read more…
  • Treatment of psychosomatic disorders using an integrated approach of biofeedback and lifestyle interventions, BFE conference, read more…

View the training calendar for costs, location and up-to-date training dates of our on-site workshops in English.
An overview of workshops in Dutch can be found on the page “Opleidingsaanbod“.

In addition the following on-site workshops are available:

  • HRV didactic training program (16-hours, BCIA), read more….
  • Stress Profiling read more …
  • Biofeedback treatment of stress-related disorders (sleep problems, hypertension, chronic stress) read more …

If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your country, please send an email to