Hand-held stress thermometer

Test your stress by measuring hand temperature!

A hand thermometer is a liquid filled glass thermometer on cardboard backing; sensor extends below backing for easy holding

€ 30,00 per set of 20 thermometers with 20 color cards

Shipping & handling:

€ 7,25 within the Netherlands

€ 35,- outside the Netherlands


Biodot stress stickers

Test your stress by measuring hand temperature!

The biodot is a small round sticker to put on your hand. The color of the sticker indicates your hand temperature.

€ 12,50 per set of 25 biodots with 5 color cards


EZ-air is a Windows breath pacer that allows you to place a bargraph anywhere on your screen to help you pace your breathing. Users can select the breath rate they are comfortable with, setting a time for inhale, inhalation pause, exhale and exhalation pause.  The program can run continuously, or can be set to run at specified intervals/durations as a reminder to take a moment to relax during a busy workday. EZ-air provides options for sound, exercise mode and automatic pop-up exercise mode.

Download EZ-air